5 Things Lindsey Vonn Does on Her Summer Vacation

Dogs and Disney keep the champ busy this offseason. What else is she up to away from the slopes?
When your day job involves training for countless hours and traveling the world to compete in elite events, your free time becomes precious.
For Lindsey Vonn, some of the rhythms of her offseason are familiar – she’s still working out several hours daily – but she now has the time to fit in some full-fledged fun.

Here are five things Vonn has been up to away from the slopes:

1. Working on her charity, The Lindsey Vonn Foundation
Vonn launched her foundation, dedicated to empowering and mentoring young women through scholarships and camps, in February 2015.
“We just gave out our first scholarship to a girl in Minnesota,” Vonn told RedBull.com. “We’re trying to figure out camp dates and collaborations with other foundations. Things are on a good track. I really like the work — some of the essays from girls that are inquiring about a scholarship are so cute and meaningful. It’s why I do it. It makes it worthwhile.”

2. Disneyland
Vonn made her first trip to the Magic Kingdom in May. “We went to the ‘Tomorrowland’ premiere and they blocked it out … for us to do all the rides. We did Space Mountain twice in a row. But we had scarfed down some hamburgers before that, so it was a little bit, uh, spicy. But I got my selfie with Mickey Mouse, which was the highlight of my night.”

3. Movie premieres
Besides “Tomorrowland,” Vonn walked the red carpet for “The Age of Adaline.” She said, “Blake (Lively) was really good in it.”

4. Playing with her dogs, Bear and Leo
Living life at 8,000 feet sometimes has its disadvantages. “It’s still snowing in Vail! I really want to take them hiking, but it’s still a bit hard to do that,” Vonn said at a recent photo shoot. “It’s been pretty muddy a lot of the time, so they’ve been ruining my house. Bear is a menace and Leo is my angel. I have some work to go in teaching them — they went to doggie boot camp and I feel like they’re a little bit better.”

5. Ice cream
Because even a champ has got to cheat. “Ben & Jerry’s. Cherry Garcia. And I really like the Half Baked frozen yogurts.”

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