A weekend of races in the French Alps!

Lindsey missed the top of the podium by the smallest of margins – when she finished just one-hundredth of a second behind Lara Gut from Switzerland in the Alpine Combined race at Val d’Isère last Friday.

Coming down with bib number two, Lindsey has set the fastest time (1:44.13) in the downhill leg of the first Alpine Combined event of the season and entered the afternoon Slalom run with a .38 lead over Lara Gut – but Lara then nailed the top part of the Slalom course to pull into the lead.
After the race Lindsey said “I could analyze myself all day long and I could find a hundredth on every single turn, but you know I gave it my best shot, and considering how much slalom I’ve trained, which is pretty much nothing, it was a really good performance. So, I’m happy with it. Maybe one hundredth faster would’ve been nice, but you win and lose by hundredths all the time, so it’s just part of the sport.”

At Saturday’s Downhill race in Val d’Isère Lindsey had the fastest first split time when she hit a bump midway down of the Oreiller Killy course – and went up on the inside of her left ski. However, she eventually landed and skied then safely off the course for a DNF.

The following day, Lindsey finished 13th at the Giant Slalom in Courchevel. She still felt a bit rattled from Saturday but was ranked 10th in the morning first leg – and then finished 13th in the afternoon under sunny conditions on the Emile-Allais course and was thus the lone U.S. finisher in this race.

The Ladies’ World Cup will continue with two days of tech races in Lienz (AUT) on December 28/29, 2015.



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