Lindsey is back!

In the first two weeks of July Lindsey completed the traditional Red Bull training camp at the Alpenresort Schwarz in Mieming/Austria which was organized by Robert Trenkwalder/Head of Athletes Special Projects Red Bull.

The first week included mainly regenerative training and during that Lindsey was supported by the ASP Red Bull Coaches Martin and Patrick. Lindsey had some problems to go back to the training routine, but after the first week she got used to the daily rhythm and she felt better, stronger and more motivated every day. The program of the second week contained cycling in the Alps, endurance and coordination training. Lindsey used her stay in Austria for an appearance in the show “Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar 7” in Salzburg, where she talked about the regeneration process, her comeback and her goal to rock Sochi 2014! In Salzburg she did some cooking too. She cooked with the executive star chef of the restaurant “Ikarus” at the Hangar 7, Roland Trettl, and prepared something very special for the Red Bull Athletes’ cookbook.
Back home in the USA, Lindsey continued her rehab- and training program. In Vail she had a special preparation with her ASP-Red Bull Fitness coach Martin for her comeback. This special training was located in Vail as it is on such a high sea level (2445m) and that prepared Lindsey ideally, so that she was ready for the snow in Chile – 2880 meters above sea level.
Moreover, Lindsey’s doctor Bill Sterett did the last checkup and gave her his OK! So nothing stood in the way for her first day back on snow on September 1. This was also the first time that Lindsey trained with the US team again. But of course she had her own training program with the US Ski trainers and the entire ASP-Red Bull coaches.
Everyone was excited; not just Lindsey but her whole team including the coaches. She started to ski slowly with some technical exercises so she could get back her security and the acclimatization with the snow. Lindsey was lucky because the snow and the conditions in Chile were really good for her first time back on skies. It was snowing a little bit so the slopes weren’t hard as last year and Lindsey felt just great. She didn’t feel any pain “I can’t tell which knee is injured”, she said and so she could finish her days on snow without any problems. The coaches are really positive about her comeback but her way back, to where she was, is long and hard. In Chile weren’t just the coaches that accompanied her. There was also a big American TV channel that works in cooperation with the Red Bull Mediahouse and they documented every step of her comeback…so be ready for surprises!



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