Lindsey Vonn looks on proudly as Tiger Woods receives White House recognition

President Barack Obama and his most famous golf partner, Tiger Woods, were side by side in the White House as America’s finest golfers received official recognition.

Obama honoured a team of American golfers who last year defeated an international team to win their fifth straight Presidents Cup, a victory that was clinched by Woods.

“Now last year was the second time I’ve been honorary chairman of the Presidents Cup. The United States won both times. I’m just saying,” Obama quipped during the East Room ceremony as he stood in front of three rows of golfers from both teams, including Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els. All were unusually dressed in suits and ties.

Woods’ girlfriend was among those looking on in the White House to lend her support, with the 14-time Major winner later admitting that he feeling better than at anytime over the past two years during his lengthy injury lay-off.

“It has been probably a good two years since I’ve felt this way,” he said

“I had good weeks where I felt fantastic, and those were the weeks I actually played well. I won five times last year. And then there were weeks where I just couldn’t move. And it started progressively deteriorating from there.”

“I’m not used to seeing these guys in suits,” Obama cracked.

Obama said he was extraordinarily proud of the Presidents Cup team, including for its contributions to charity.

He said he hoped the team’s good fortune would somehow help another the US footballers who face possible World Cup elimination tomorrow.

“We hope our World Cup team takes a page out of their playbook when they take on Germany this Thursday,” Obama said.




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