Linzer Torte meets Banana Bread

During Lindsey’s training camp in Austria in the summer she had a special cooking session with Roland Trettl, the head cook of the Ikaurs restaurant at the Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

Red Bull has initiated this cooking session as this will be part of the “Red Bull Athleten-Kochbuch” – in which other athletes such as Aksel Lund Svindal, David Lama, Mark Webber, etc. present also their favorite dishes.
Lindsey chose to make a “Linzer Torte”, that’s a traditional Austrian cake and following the instructions from Roland Trettl, Lindsey prepared the cake. But on top of that, Lindsey spontaneously had the idea of also baking some all-American Banana Bread. So, no sooner said than done! Within a short time all necessary ingredients were put together and a delicious Banana Bread was baked. And Roland Trettl was really surprised of Lindsey’s Banana Bread, so he had to admit that Lindsey clearly won this “duel” . Obviously it was a great and fun cooking session, please find also some pictures of it on this website.



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